Course dynamic: 35% theory, 65% praxis.
All theories tested in real-time experiments.

"Antero Alli is that special brand of human -- a frontier scout
for the species -- out there on the rim where past and
future intersect."
- Timothy Leary, PhD author

"Some who like to talk of things 'mystical' but have
no firsthand knowledge, may find Antero's realism a bit
- Robert Anton Wilson, PhD author

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Requirements, How This Course Works,
Registration, Course Enrollment and Tuition

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1) THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN, the book, is required for this course and
can be ordered direct from the publisher at: The Original Falcon Press
Or Amazon or you can order autographed copies of this book from me
(just ask). Though this book is also available on Kindle, the hard copy
is recommended since page numbers are referenced in this course
(e-books do not feature page numbers).

2) This course is 35% theory (reading, thinking, writing) and 65% praxis
(tasks, rituals, meditations) demanding approx 6 hours each week
on your
own plus whatever amount of time you choose to spend interacting with
Antero (via private e-mails) and others on the weekly online forums.

The 8-week course structure is already contained in the book THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN. (required for this course). Week One involves mostly reading to become more familiar with basic circuit functions and definitions. Throughout Weeks 2, 3, 4, & 5 specific experiential work tasks (meditations, rituals, actions) are introduced that everyone can tend to at their own pace. If you write down the results of doing the work, you have the option of sharing your experiences with others in the multi-platform online forums and/or privately with myself via e-mail. Week 6 (Chapel Perilous) winds down with introspection and review. Weeks 7 & 8 are reserved for catching up on missed tasks, assignments & feedback from myself. There are no set meeting times; you do whatever assignments allowed by your daily schedule and self-motivation. What you put into this course results in what you get out of it. Every Friday, the next week's assignments are presented while all previous weekly assignments and forum posts remain open to review and/or to post on. NOTE: This course does not use Skype, phone, or video conferencing. - Antero

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NOTE: Enrollment starts January 1st, 2021.

Course Tuition and Payment Information
$230. paid in full (US Funds only) before March 19th, 2021
Discount tuition rate for return participants: $200.
Payment plans available; inquire at: verticalsource@gmail.com
Tuition covers the entire eight weeks and is non-refundable after 3/19/21;
credit can be applied to
future courses and

There is no PayPal button. Send payment to:  verticalsource@gmail.com
Please include your e-mail address and a note: payment for 8CB course.
(e-mail me if you don't know how to make payment on PayPal).

Send a postal money order or bank check payable to: Antero Alli
and send to ANTERO ALLI, PO BOX 19382, Portland OR 97280.

Include your e-mail address and a note re: 8-CIRCUIT course
Please e-mail me after your payment has been sent so I can
reserve your spot. E-mail: verticalsource@gmail.com

- Antero

Send all 8-Circuit course inquiries to me at:


~ Instructor Introduction ~

This 8-week course results from a comprehensive study and practice of dynamic methods for accessing the states of consciousness symbolized by the Eight-Circuit Brain model. This online course has been tested and refined over the past fifteen years with over five hundred participants. This is no "New Age" woo-woo workshop of silly affirmations and crystal fantasies but an experiential approach to real self-work with actual results. All eight circuits are covered, their specific internal vertical supports, along with initiations into and out of Chapel Perilous. Though knowledge is power, knowledge by itself can become isolating without feedback and dialogue that I and other participants offer in this course.

Once understood and redefined in your own terms, the 8-circuit model can act as an effective diagnostic for precision tracking and interpretation of a spectrum of consciousness within yourself, others, the world and beyond. The 8-circuit grid can be especially useful for those seeking context and integration of hyper-consciousness triggered by psychoactive drug use, outside shocks, and real-life traumas. If you are motivated to accept more responsibility for your life, for your own choices, autonomy, and integrity, this course may be for you.

If you have any questions about this course or myself, please don't hesitate to contact me.

-- Antero

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ANTERO ALLI advances the legacy of the Eight-Circuit Brain model initiated by Timothy Leary and later by Robert Anton Wilson, both of whom endorsed his work. Antero is the author of ANGEL TECH, THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN, STATE OF EMERGENCE, TOWARDS AN ARCHEOLOGY OF THE SOUL, ASTROLOGIK, THE VERTICAL ORACLE, PREGNANT UNIVERSE (with CS Hyatt, PhD), and THE AKASHIC RECORD PLAYER.
He is a prolific underground filmmaker whose movies can now be seen online. He currently resides in Portland Oregon with his wife, the singer/composer Sylvi Alli.



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