ANTERO ALLI - guitar, all song lyrics, vocals
SIMA WOLF - vocals, ARP Odyssey synthesizer
DEAN WEBB - vocals
DICK DOTY - drums
DIANA - bass


THE FROZEN BEAUTIES emerged and disintegrated over the last half of 1980 during the punk/new wave explosion in the San Francisco Bay area. I had written lyrics for a couple dozen songs and started the band just for kicks with my girlfriend Sima Wolf, a classically trained pianist who also sang. Dean Webb and I worked together in theatre for the previous seven years and he wanted to share vocals with Sima. Dick Doty and I were roommates in the Berkeley duplex where the band rehearsed. A few weeks after Diana's audition, we were already gigging at Bay area clubs like The Back Door, Berkeley Square, The Assyrian Cultural Center, Le Disque, Rock City and sharing the stage with Romeo Void, J. Poet and the Young Adults, the Jars, The V.I.P.'s, The New Critics, Goldengate Jumpers, Ultrasheen, Cha Cha Billy, The Propellers, Riser, The Memos, Boy's Life, The Panel and many others. It was a lot of fun while it lasted but after five months I quit the band, claiming irreconcilable creative differences, resulting in a fatal meltdown for The Frozen Beauties.

2010. Thirty years later totally out of the blue, Dick Doty e-mails me and sends me the only existing F.B. recordings -- twenty or so songs -- captured on a cheap boombox during a rehearsal in October of 1980 (you're now hearing "Love Is War" - turn up the volume). -- A.A.


The Frozen Beauties, 1980 Berkeley CA
Vocals: Dean Webb (with Sima and Antero)
Lyrics, Antero; Music, Sima and Antero

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