Planetary Forces as Sexual Realities
Part 2: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
© 2000-14 Antero Alli


PART ONE of this essay retranslated the astrological symbols for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars as a spectrum of human sexual realities. I also suggested that terms such as "heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, etc.," were not sexual but political categories insofar as they represent customs, rituals, fetishes and icons of specific sexual tribes, i.e., the bisexual tribe, the pansexual tribe, the asexual tribe, etc. With this next installment, my intent is to disclose a much larger category of human sexuality in which all the previous sub-categories are also included. Here now is Part Two, where the astrological forces of Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are revisioned as increasingly deeper, stranger and more mysterious aspects of our human sexual potential.


Jupiter: Sex Without Guilt or Guilt Without Sex ?

Jupiter is a complex symbol for the development of morality and ethics. Yet the terms "morality" and "ethics" are often confused to mean the same thing. To me, a morality is an inherited belief system passed down from ancestral spiritual tradition and the dogmas of all organized religions; the domain of churches, synagogues, temples and Sunday schools. Violate any morality that you were taught to believe in and you experience the reflex of guilt Ethics, however, evolves from our most personal responses to tough choices around human quandaries of good and evil, right and wrong.

An ethos expresses your personal position by virtue of defining these terms-good and evil, right and wrong-according to your own conscience. When you violate your ethics, you experience self-created guilt. The difference between these two guilts? One is an inherited habit and the other, a self-created warning sign; one is mechanical and the other is creative. Who hasn’t felt guilty before, during or after certain sexual experiences? But what kind of guilt was it? Mechanical or creative? Was it the entrained punishment for violating past religious, or parental, dogmas or the personal dread of betraying your own code of living, our conscience? Both kinds of guilt represent a spectrum of the Jupiter force and can be activated whenever natal Jupiter is touched by a planet in your lover’s chart. "

Mind-Expanding Sex
Another form of Jupiter sex involves those high-flying adventures expanding your consciousness beyond belief. This kind of exotic eroticism can be aroused by courting unfamiliar, foreign experience. When there is a strong attraction to someone of a different ethnic, ideological, cultural and/or racial background, Jupiter may be involved. In extreme instances, these foreign affairs can turn into consciousness-expansion experiments disguised as relationships. Though this kind of consciousness expanding intimacy can expand personal awareness, it does not necessarily guarantee any genuine awareness of the other. They can overlook the deeper ethnic, ideological and cultural differences that undermine compatibility. Imagine two people in love who do not speak the same language.

Love at first sight can be very romantic, but imagine trying to explain yourself. Lovers with profound ideological differences may also attempt to convert the other to their own cultural or moral values in an attempt to stay together. All these examples could be symbolized by natal Jupiter conjunct Descendant or in the 8th House, Venus in Sagittarius or the 9th House, Gemini Rising, and other transits and aspects involving Jupiter.

Sometimes when natal Jupiter is activated, we seek out the non-committal sex of liaisons with the already married or unavailable, sex with emotionally immature (teenagers) and sex with anyone you don’t really care about. All these sexual experiences invariably expand your consciousness but only "via negativa," by negative example. Sometimes our conscience seeks out ethically challenging confrontations just to test itself. As our consciousness expands through these tests, it naturally creates more recognition of what we actually can care for. With enough consciousness expansion, conscience. As sex becomes more ethical, the beloved ceases to exist as an extension of oneself. Instead, the beloved is seen in his, or her, own light; what Martin Buber refers to as, "Thou." I’ve seen this occur when transiting Jupiter crosses the natal Descendant.


Sexy Saturn’s Holding Patterns

Saturn represents a coherency of psychological factors attempting to consolidate a way to manifest a life in the material world. The "material world," as used here, means all things possessing material properties that exist in time and space and are therefore subject to breaking down. The material world is a mess in this way. Defects abound; flaws surround us. The world is filled with things that go wrong, collapse and otherwise gather inertia and entropy. Saturn symbolizes that psychological muscle for asserting effort, structure and persistence of pressure to hold and to keep things together amidst a world committed to falling apart. When Saturn is a strong force in any relationship, there are obvious holding patterns. When someone else’s natal Saturn closely aspects your natal Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus, their holding patterns are acting on you in specific ways. Their saturnine pressures may be forging a cohesion in a part of your life that’s falling apart at the seams; you may even like it and, maybe, like it a lot.

These holding patterns can give you the feeling of being contained by your lover; this can be good or it can be very scary, depending on our needs. Often enough, harder Saturn aspects (squares, oppositions, conjunctions) between lovers can symbolize latent parent-child dynamics. Here gender is not as important as the ongoing exposure of immature, infantile need structures. One lover tends to play out the child aspect of their personality and the other, the adult or parent role.

Saturn sex tests the integrity and staying power of any relationship. The lover who plays out the parental role may find him or herself holding the other to more responsibility than that person previously expressed. If one lover’s Saturn conjuncts or opposes the other’s Sun, the Sun person’s self-commitment and selfhood are tested. Sometime this holding pattern can be very exciting and hot, as when natal Mars is involved. Sometimes Saturn can make us feel very secure, especially when the Moon is involved. Other times, these same saturnine holding patterns can manifest as control trips and boundary disputes. With more responsibility, these same power trips can be played out on purpose in the sexual arena of ritual sadomasochism.

Saturn as Dominatrix/Master
With mutual consent, unconscious power-tripping can be transformed into power sex by the playful dramatization of scenarios involving various postures of trusting dominance and willing submission. Traditional S/M (sadomasochist) sex culture incorporates whips, chains, leathers and other sex toys for ritualized power sex games. And, power sex doesn’t exist without a dominatrix or master, and a slave. The masochistic slave and dominatrix, or master, agree on the saturnine game plans. Whether these introduce literal harnesses, chains and handcuffs or vocal commands, the "master" seeks to increase the "slave’s" experience of pleasure, pressure, intensified sensation and then, pain, inside a climate of total trust. This threshold of pain is relative to each slave and so the element of trust is paramount for respecting limitations.

Though traditional S/M tribal sex culture relies on a vast array of ritual paraphernalia, none of it is necessary for power sex between consenting adults. The key element, is the trust between players and the ritual structure itself, which emerges with open expression of personal needs, fantasies and desires. Some of us have a greater need for being acted on by the saturnine holding pattern of another; others need to be the ones holding that power that acts on the other. As this sexual give-and-take process is openly explored, trust is built alongside a greater sexual self-knowledge and a truer understanding of the beloved’s sexual needs. Unfortunately, too many S/M rituals are acted out unconsciously whenever lovers avoid disclosing their actual power needs: to be dominated &/or, to dominate.

Domestic violence demonstrates a horrific power sex game gone wrong as a result of communication breakdowns and the frustration of real needs. Unconscious S/M relationships are often doomed to tragic closure by mutual ignorance of power dynamics. Perhaps this kind of ignorance poisoned the roots of O.J. and Nicole Simpson’s marriage. Was there an undercurrent of sexual dominance and submission? I think so. Why else would so many Americans sit mesmerized by the media coverage? The violence? Maybe. A hidden, underlying subtext of power sex? More likely.

Reverse the Roles, Save the Marriage
When Mars, Moon, Sun and Venus are aspecting Saturn in the composite charts between lovers, it can indicate latent "power sex" dynamics in the relationship; latent because Saturn requires time to work itself out. Often enough, the more volatile and passionate relationships require a shared structure to continually stabilize itself. The greater the power dynamic, the more creative outlets are required to bypass self-destruction. Without outlets, the incumbent pressures mount. With no place to go, they can only implode and/or explode. As lovers grow more aware of their shared power struggles-by accepting them and structuring creative outlets for their safer expression-they can integrate difficult yet rewarding Saturn karma; perhaps work out at the gym together or take long walks or join a volleyball team or, play many, many sets of tennis.

Saturn’s traditional exaltation in Libra suggests how these holding patters ultimately seek equilibrium (Libra) to restabilize. If either lover over identifies and fixates on one side of the dominant/submissive polarity, balance is lost. Identifying with one side of yourself creates a one-sided self-image and a kind of rigidity of ego. In any given relationship where dominant-submissive patterns prevail, it’s only a matter of time before roles get fixed and tensions start mounting. The passively identified grow more demure and meek; the dominantly identified, more aggressive and cruel. Sooner or later, these pressures force confrontations, outbursts and explosions. Violence erupts. If this is happening in your love life, perhaps you are ready for a little role reversal.

The purpose of role reversal is to balance relationship energies and to create opportunities to see through the other’s eyes. This doesn’t mean the men wear bras and wash dishes but it might. Nor does it mean women wear the pants and take out the garbage but it might. If power-sex lovers cannot agree to walk in each other’s shoes once in a while, their relationship dynamic remains rigid and unstable. If domestic role reversals don’t work, try the bedroom. Let the old master become the new slave; the old slave, the new master. Excitement for role reversals can sometimes restore equilibrium.

When lovers share strong Saturn aspects, their sex life and the relationship itself may require a consensual, or mutually agreed upon, structure to continue functioning. This kind of relationship is more like a mutually understood arrangement, than any attempt to realize or fantasize an ideal. This kind of effort requires considerable maturity, if only to get beyond our precious but mechanically conditioned ideals, if only to address the existing real needs of consenting adults.

Sexual realities associated with the astrological forces of the Sun on out to and including Saturn represent an ego-based, or self-centered, approach to sexual satisfaction. The ego-personality develops through these stages and explores those sexual experiences furthering its own needs to know and express itself. Transpersonal sex, symbolized by Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, occurs when you are aroused by electrical, dreamtime and planetary forces expressing greater intentions than personal gratification. Forces are transpersonal when they originate beyond ego and become sexual by using the medium of your sexuality for expressing their intentions.


Transpersonal Sex and Chirotic Reactions

The transpersonal forces of astrology begin with the comet Chiron, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chirotic (rhymes with erotic) sex arouses the sleeping serpent of kundalini; the enlivened spinal cord undulating with pulsating electrical charge. The study of chiropractics provides a valuable metaphor to understanding Chiron. Chiropractors manipulate the interactions between spinal/skeletal systems (SATURN) and the various electrical Nervous Systems (URANUS). Chiron mediates between Saturn’s structural integrity and Uranus’ white hot electrical power. When lovers are connected chirotically-by transit and/or aspect-they enter a tantric initiation of the third point. When sexual energies between lovers escalate beyond what either lover can contain, that energy either disperses or is redirected to serve a third point of awareness beyond each ego. Chirotic sex releases an enveloping sense of animal magnetism, exploding the ego beyond previous self-concepts and beliefs. Transpersonal sex shocks ego past itself for information and new ways of responding to energies greater than itself.


Uranus, Brain Pleasure & Sex Magick

What the Chiron sparks, Uranus electrifies. Electric sex hums throughout the subtle medium of our Central Nervous System (CNS), igniting the astral lightbody (aura & chakras). Psychic or electric sex occurs through physical love, but can also happen without touching. When the CNS is energetically on fire, sensuality transmutes into the supersensual brain pleasure of neurological orgasm. As the CNS becomes self-aware, lovers respond to the warm, glowing rushes of neuro-electronic signals racing within, around and between them.

This electrical energy is enjoyed in extended moments of telepathy, clairvoyance, synchronicity and psychic abilities previously unimagined. Electric sex can also erupt, as if by accident. In the instance of spontaneous and wildly uninhibited physical sex, signals traverse between the brain and the rest of the body with less resistance and more speed. Electrical energy-more heat and more light-races through the muscles, giving the CNS more freedom of expression. Very Uranus. When lovers desire higher levels of electrical intimacy, what can possibly stop them from turning up the heat and the light? Ego. When either or both lovers need to slow things down, they often start acting out previously neurotic habits of self-preoccupation and the flow slows down.

In this way, ego acts as a kind of emergency brake for minimizing pleasure too intense to contain. How much ecstasy can one allow? When our capacity for ecstasy is overwhelmed, it’s natural and even necessary to fixate on something as familiar, banal and mundane as our personal problems or to project these onto our lover. When lovers rise to the occasion of electric sex with less ego and more intention, they enter the esoteric traditions of sex magick. Occult lodges such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O. and their numerous offshoots practice their various ritual technologies for raising kundalini through electrical sex practices. One long-term effect of sex magick is the radical transformation of the CNS. In some sex magick adepts this change is so remarkable that, when compared to the majority of human beings, they seem like alien space beings. There’s probably good reason why these more esoteric magickal ritual disciplines remain esoteric or hidden from mainstream view. I suspect it’s because sex magick isn’t for everybody.


Dreamtime Lovers of Neptune

Neptune symbolizes the numinous webwork of individual, collective and planetary dreambodies making up what aboriginal people call dreamtime. Also woven into this ethereal design are glittering strands of glamour, illusion, hallucination, madness, and the human poetic genius of the Collective Imagination and the Music of the Spheres. The Neptune archetype beckons us from realms so far beyond human imagination-so utterly alien and extraterrestrial-that we must stretch our imaginations just to catch fleeting glimpses.

Neptune governs our weirdest out-of-body experiences, soul travel and those sexual experiences inducing various forms of astral projection. Neptune also symbolizes the dream lover archetype in its truest and most delusional forms. Neptune transits can also trigger our wildest, most delusional love affairs yielding no hope for manifesting any real or lasting intimacy in the material world. Neptune can be very severe and slippery that way, combining our highest hopes and dreams with our most devastating disillusionments. Neptune also governs enlightenment.

This is sex between dreambodies; the sexual escapades of our night dreams, as well as daytime sexual fantasies. Dreambody sex can also occur without actually fucking. Lovers under the influence of Neptune can be enchanted by merely holding hands and getting lost in dreamy glances. The potency of the dreambody provides multidimensionality to sexual experience. Neptunian sex undermines ego, or self-image, by dissolving self-created boundaries and subjecting us to indelible impressions of all-encompassing unity.

Neptune transits to natal Venus, Moon or Mercury can coincide with love affairs that begin and maintain themselves almost entirely by psychic projection via what Jung calls "anima/animus transference." Amidst and "anima attack," a man can become dogmatically convinced he has met "the woman of his dreams" whether or not the actual flesh-and-blood outside woman cares for him at all. He may have met the woman of his dreams, but only as she was projected out of his own psyche and onto the outside woman. These delusions collapse when the real woman fails to live up to the man’s unrealistic demands on her to act lie a goddess.

In the near future, novel forms of illusory Neptunian sex will become popular as pornography industries incorporate sophisticated virtual reality (VR) immersion software. Consumers will be promised virtual sex "beyond their wildest dreams"; many people will choose corporate-simulations of sex over the real thing. Milder versions of this same scenario are happening right now on online community bulletin boards, CD-ROM interactive sex games and chatroom sexual fantasy role-playing.


Genetic, Plutonic Planetary Sex

If Pluto symbolizes an overtone of Mars (Mars as the physical passion of intercourse), then it may represent the invisible processes of conception. Plutonic sex erupts whenever the genetic conduits, or the DNA matrix, between lovers are engaged. In its most literal expression, these lovers are overwhelmed by a strong mutual desire to procreate. Beyond the procreation contracts between lovers, less literal modes of plutonic sex do not reproduce offspring yet contribute significantly to furthering the evolutionary goals of DNA. Under some Pluto transits involving conjunctions and oppositions-especially to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Sun-powerful transformative sexual encounters can be triggered that have little or nothing to do with falling in love, getting married, having babies or buying furniture. These experiences may also defy the usual categories of "hot, casual sex," "one-night stands," "affairs" and any other concept our mind struggles to pigeonhole the event.

Earth Surrender Rites
Sometimes, the planet (yes, our planet Earth) arranges for meetings between certain individuals for mysterious purposes: "earth surrender rites". The lovers involved in these mysteries may feel a pull of fate towards each other. Or, a kind of "persona meltdown" where personal pretenses dissolve and leave the lovers in a terribly vulnerable, essence-to-essence fusion experience. Without any apparent choice in the matter, the heat and light of bio-psychic energies rapidly escalate between them. Many images surface to consciousness, as their minds grapple with categories and behaviors to match the immediately confounding reality. No image fits; many explode, as if into thin air.

Realizing all this, the lovers either run from each other or stay together and surrender to the experience. If they surrender, new information emerges about why they met and what they must do with these intense transformative energies. With continual surrender, the lovers dawn on the solemn revelation that the Earth Herself has arranged their meeting and that the energies evoked are not for personal gratification but for feeding Her. They may still make love, but do so as part of a larger cosmic ceremony involving a third partner, who happens to be planet Earth; a planetary menage-a-trois. Each ceremony differs depending on the personal resistance and excitements, culturally-conditioned programs and intuitive sensibilities of the lovers. For more details on this, please read my book, The Akashic Record Player: A Non-Stop Geomantic Conspiracy.

Obsessive Sex: The Dark Side of Pluto
The dark side of Plutonic sex is obsessive sex. Sex gone wrong; gone out of control in a destructive way. In and of itself, obsession is not bad or evil; nor is being out of control. Losing control in the name of creation remains one of the highest aims of Art. Obsessions reveals where you are intuitively and directly linked to your greatest sources of energy. Obsessions express where all your energy is wrapped up. When obsessed, you are passionately concentrated into one area that generates significant heat and force. When the consequences of that obsession produce destructive effects, you have lost control in the name of destruction and not creation.

Natal Pluto can articulate any given chart’s point of greatest obsession and where that person goes for their most direct, intuitive connection with life energies. First House Plutos tend to self-obsess as much as Seventh House Plutos other-obsess in their pursuit of direct contact with life force. Sixth House Plutos tend to work-obsess, as Ninth House Plutos develop an obsession around their visions and beliefs. Natal Pluto can reveal clues as to where and how sexual obsession also occurs; I leave that to your imagination.

All the sexual experiences conveyed throughout this two-part essay are not limited to natal, transit or synastry astrology. They can happen anytime to anyone without noticeable transits or synastry connections. The spectrum of human sexuality can show astrologically but not always. Your own most direct experience is or should be your final source of authority especially when it comes to sex. The living territory of life itself is where the truth is. Maps, if interpreted accurately, can at most guide you to that territory.


Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars