VESSEL enlivens the senses with webbing streams of fluid incantations
to the Muses in Sylvi's latest CD of original music. The majority of these
new songs dwell in the realm of wordless invocations - where multi-layer
harmonies, compelling vocals, and emerging rhythms collide and converge.
Featuring eleven tracks.

"At times, Alli sounds like Lisa Gerrard (particularly in the Eastern-flavored track 'Through The Veil'), others, Diamanda Galas, but there's a calm intensity to her singing that's all her own.The vocal spell-summoning continues in 'Incant' and the harrowing 'Hex.' 'Vessel' is a must have for lovers of dark, ethereal music. Every track bewitches." -- Craig Laurance Gidney, 7/5/10, for

"Each track on this CD is carefully crafted and composed, there's a precision here in the markedly clear production. Yet she hasn't strangled the passion from her work with pointless studio gimmickry and flash. While this collection is beautiful it's also dark; "Vessel" is fluttering and strange and, to be honest, strangely inviting." --,12/22/2010.



Vessel CD

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This body of music coalesced during a recent three month immersion in paratheatre - a group ritual technology developed by my partner, Antero Alli. This paratheatrical project focused on the cultivation of relationship with "the muse" and the work revealed to me a wealth of visions and messages that found their way into the pieces on VESSEL -- Sylvi.

The music on VESSEL also features Beth Vandervennet - cello on "Through the Veil" and "Tyger" (words by William Blake), Marit Elverland - vocals on "Arbor Sea", Antero Alli - vocals on "North". A very special thanks to Antero Alli for his audio consultation and artistic direction, my invaluable third ear! Mastered by Myles Boisen, Headless Buddha Lab, Oakland, CA.



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