An Online Course of Theory & Praxis
With Author, ANTERO ALLI

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Initially, I thought I had strong C1 integration. I’ve always felt well grounded. During extreme experiences I’ve always “found my way home” and “held a safe grip”. I’ve learned that I’m holding on too tightly here. It has prevented me from letting go and experiencing other circuits such as C5. Circuit 7 was the most intriguing to me. The anima/animus shrine ritual was very powerful, exciting and new. The C6 conscious trance meditation technique had the greatest impact on me. It seemed to have activated energy within me. I’ve been experience intense body energy movement and vibration, especially around 5 in the morning.

This course came to me at the perfect moment, as one of those unsurprising synchronicities that are glowingly obvious when they appear. It was as if a doorway had appeared to step through. I’ve enjoyed the “doing” aspect of the tasks and rituals. They inform more than the rational mind. I’ve also liked pondering the writing assignments throughout the week. They’re like meditations. I’ve gotten a lot out of this course and suspect I will continue to do so.

- John Dudas
Vallejo CA


Thank you, Antero, for your writings, your films, and this course. I find myself not just grateful, but inspired--inspired not just to invest further in self work using these tools, but to help others find ways to help themselves, too. It was well worth the price of admission, and I'm looking forward to continuing to work these tasks well into the future. I can definitely imagine enrolling in this course again in the future.

- Peter Grandstaff
Hillsborough NC


What I appreciate about what Antero offers is the measured approach you take to experiences that have the capacity to be life-changing. That's very much what I got from some of the exercises, particularly around polarities and anima. Doing them has enriched my understanding of myself and sense of what's possible. In the process it's given me a tantalising sense of what the future might involve if I continue to embrace the approach Alli outlines in his book and which was abundantly apparent in the generosity and insight he demonstrated in interactions with me in the 8CB forum and in private emails.  

- Adrian Reynolds
Nottingham UK


The Eight-Circuit Brain (8CB) teaches my favorite occult curriculum because of its lack of dogma, nourishment of the self, and acceptance of the absurd. Alli’s affability and willingness to guide students matches his spirit of accessibility and pragmatism concurrent throughout his 8CB course books (Angel Tech, The Eight-Circuit Brain). During the course, Alli consistently presents himself as available without abrasiveness and constructive without conceit. He possesses the uncanny ability to hold up a psychical mirror to help you see your own answers. He’s a postmodern seer, and it’s contagious! 

-Jaime Dunkle 
Portland, Oregon


This course is like a mosh pit. Whether you dive in full force or stand on the sidelines taking it all in, you will be shaken, stirred and changed for the better. Antero Alli's approach to self-understanding through the 8 Circuit Brain model is fresh and fascinating. I highly recommend this course!

- Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming
San Francisco CA


The 8CB model provides me with a tool to guide my search for inner understanding. It is a tool that needs to be honed, in the sense that the one using it must adapt it to his or her own needs. This course is a tremendously intensive workshop for doing exactly this. It, or shall I say, Antero, puts you through the paces of all aspects of the model, requiring a decent amount of commitment and time to do the tasks. Antero's presence is almost tangible throughout the course. His responses to the posts on the member-only online forum setup for this course are always on the mark for the person posting. This creates an intensive atmosphere, I felt really guided. I also highly value and appreciate the comments of Antero and all other participants; some of the exchanges on the forum really made an impact on me.

During my second attempt here, I managed to get a deeper understanding of C1 and C2, and maybe a glimpse of C6. Chapel Perilious connected nicely to C4 for me, and uncovered a life-long curse under which I am suffering - but the enemy is now named and in the crosshairs! I guess I will return again, with the intent to set aside real practice time and space in advance. It is a rare opportunity to discuss and practice with the author of the accompanying books, in order to understand Antero's take on the 8CB model first hand.

- Peter Frey
Upper Austria, Austria


This course, The 8 circuit brain has exceeded my expectations. It has taken me from being a stuck, frightened individual to someone who is more fully committed to life and its expression through me. I can hardly believe this, because I’ve tried a lot of things, but these exercises really work. If one is committed enough to test them out in earnest with no expectation, surprises are bound to occur. If you take this course, do the praxis, it will pay off. 

Antero approaches the material and the teaching of it in a down to earth and unpretentious way, making it easier to absorb and assimilate what is being conveyed so that we can get to the praxis, which is the real gem of the course. The forum seemed to help me tremendously, and I thank everyone who participated, making my experience much richer. I appreciate all of Antero’s insights, his gifts to all of us, as we learn about ourselves. His gentle yet direct guiding hand gave this course a specialness that can only be experienced to fully understand. I look forward to taking this course again, and hope to continue, until then, even more of the praxis, which is the essential core of this program, our individual experiences and insights, all to increase our intelligence.

- Salma Shamy
Oakland, New Jersey


Participation with 8CB course was a great way to focus my attention, gain guidance, and avoid isolation in performing the exercises. I enjoy solitary self work, though recognise the "has she finally lost her mind?" look in friends whist undergoing changes as a result. Continued work with the model has changed many aspects of my inner life and how I relate to myself, and others in a very positive way. This is markedly visible to the extent that a few of my inner circle have informed me that Antero's book "The Eight-Circuit Brain" may be the most valuable material gift I could give them.  8CB course just might be the most valuable gift you could get for yourself.

- Krys. Koseda
Wales, UK 


Second course with Antero’s 8CB model was, personally, a continuation of integrating the system through the year between the courses. When think, there is the attribution error. Once innately engaged with exercises until not even primarily aware of doing as such, relegating praxis to second attention something so much more...... capacity to transmit to those seeking also innate. can only describe in images, music, demeanour and the absolute repeated re loss of virginity in to ecstatic bliss firing on all circuits.

Lilith Choronzon 
European Nomad


This was my second time doing the course. This was also the second time this course far exceeded my expectations. I focused my efforts largely on Paratheatre work, which I find to be a powerful tool for direct self-knowledge and transformation. Antero's feedback encourages and challenges me to make my own judgements based on my own experience while repeatedly providing unexpected insight to the matter at hand. It has been a great experience working with you again!

- Lauri Kivekäs
Tampere, Finland


Thank you for this course. It showed me how much work I have to do and what potential I can thrive to tap into within myself. I admit of feeling frustrated and in a rut at times. Yet the BIGGEST thing I took from this course is taking responsibility for my own shortcomings, stop whining and hope someone else to fix it for me, or having that weird expectation to wake up one day and have it happen to me automagically without any effort of my part.

A lot of memories surfaced through-out the course, which let me see clearly the possibly-roots of some of my afflictions. I highly appreciate your receptiveness to my most honest responses. You might understand, though I can't possibly describe, the embarrassment I felt expressing (some of) them. I feel the most profound experiences were The anima shrine ritual. Direct experiences of 2nd attention. Expressing my most honest responses. E-Priming my language and tapping the force of commitment and I.P.

- Elad Rom
Tel-Aviv, Israel


This course succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Not only did the Animus ritual effect a breakthrough in my dammed C-7 and drain huge quantities of trapped energy, but since that event the reestablished equilibrium between systems has helped me make progress in all areas. Increased trust has made me less judgmental of both myself and others, and acceptance of unknowing as a safe state of being has reduced my anxiety over being less-than.

- Emily Jackson
Cape Cod, MA


I have found this course very useful in understanding the 8 circuit model however, i feel as though the journey's just beginning. I am glad i had a little prerequisite before beginning this coarse having read Tim Leary's Info-Psychology and Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising but there appears to be much more to learn. I found your take on the verticality between the circuits extremely relevant, useful, and as you say, healthy. Thank you very much for your continued efforts towards keeping this conversation alive!'

- Joshua Hallenbeck
Paonia, Colorado


It's been a powerful time. I got into it late. And if it hadn't been for your unflinching honesty this opportunity for great leaps of growth would have passed me by. I would've remained asleep and lost my integrity. This year feels like a break through, as if all the previous times I took the course were practice steps leading up to this storm ram of awareness, breaking thru my deeply rutted yet coveted escape routes. Antero, working with you has changed my life. It has brought out my self-honesty in ways that I can apply to take charge of my own life. Taking this course has taught me to become more self reliant and at the same time have more trust, in myself and All that is around me. 

Paratheatre works. And the best thing I found this time around is that it works thru play, thru joy, that it is a direct road to creative expression and loving connection with the Source in an all-encompassing yet most personal way. Thank you for staying true to your authentic self and guiding this course with enough compassion and honesty for me to feel free to do the same.

- Miriam Sluis
Curaçao, Dutch West Indies


The last 8 weeks have been quite eventful! As I'm finding in my other spiritual pursuits, the "practice" is where the things heat up. The class-like structure helped me focus, and stay on track. I have a much better working knowledge of the Leary model. Using your methods to balance circuits 1 through 4, I have had several of the upper circuits come on-line. I clearly see the connection between grounding C1, and C5 rapture. In addition, your re-framing of the word "trust" has allowed me to change my behavior towards a number of people in my life, for the better. At this writing, circuits 1 - 4 are all present and accounted for, ready to support my spiritual life, barring the interference of Chapel Perilous.

- Paul Newberry
Houston TX


I think what I expected and thought I needed from the course are entirely different to what I experienced. One of the largest lessons for me has been the gentle release of the binding threads of pre-conception and control in favour of direct experience, curiosity and trust. I have a bag of tested tools that I can use for so many apsects of my life. Now the work begins. As someone prone to placing authority into the nearest pair of hands , I've really appreciated how your book and your feedback have been as a fellow journeyman instead of an expert. Thanks so much Antero for you course and your spirit!

- Kate Alderton
Berwick, United Kingdom


I have gotten a lot out of the course and found your feedback helpful. I will continue with the exercises prescribed here. I usually don't participate so much in forums as I have on this course and made a decision at the start of it to put it all out there in order to get the most out of the course. I appreciate all the feedback I have received and the feeling of being outside of my comfort zone. I have made the conscious trance ritual a part of my daily routine and look forward to seeing where this practice takes me. I truly feel as though my intelligence has been increased for participating in this course. I will probably do it all again next year.

- Jamie Irvine
New South Wales, Australia.


The 8CB course has enabled me to explore aspects of myself that may have remained dormant or theoretical. Its experiential emphasis has been a tonic for myself in that I have largely used thinking as a defense to protect myself and keep the world at arms length. As a counselor I feel this experience has been invaluable and will continue to resonate through my work with others and will serve as a touchstone for my continued self-development. I am less afraid and now feel that I am able to feel more grounded in my explorations of consciousness and realize that I do not need to hold on so tightly to a need to be in control. Performing the rituals has facilitated this awareness in a way that reading a book would always fall short.

Michelle Baker Jones
London UK


I know things shifted for me during this course. In week 3, I was doing rituals almost everyday and I also did the conscious trance meditation. I could feel the charge to my energetic body. Overall, I am very glad I took the course and I got a lot out of it even if I can't be specific about how or what. I appreciate and admire your willingness to offer this to people. It is a valuable resource. I imagine I'll come back for another go at some point if you continue to offer it. I feel good about how things are going and feel I've touched on a way to effect change in my life. I thank you again for sharing your time by offering this course.

- Karen Thurber
Goleta CA


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