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In The Celebrants, Antero is interested in how a person gets
into that state of mind where things get created out of nowhere.
I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I sure knew when I got
there and why. This is an underground film made for the people.
Antero Alli is one of the last great practitioners of American
experimental cinema...and this is another great spell.
Michael Talbot-Haynes, filmthreat.com


"THE CELEBRANTS" (2023; 32 min. Color and B/W) Made without a script, this video
experiment follows three performing artists - a dancer (Douglas Allen), singer (Sylvi Alli),
(Antero Alli) - who meet and discuss how each one approaches a creative state
before testing their notions in a spontaneous performance. Developed as a collaboration
based on a story idea by Antero. Videography, editing, and staging by Antero.  


Sylvi Alli, Antero Alli, and Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen

Sylvi Alli, Antero Alli

Sylvi Alli, Antero Alli


Douglas Allen and Sylvi Alli

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