ANTERO ALLI, video/filmography
ph. (503) 299-4064;
All works written and directed by Antero Alli (unless otherwise noted) and edited with Chris Odell
(unless otherwise noted). Music and soundtracks by Sylvi Alli. Produced by Vertical Pool Productions

ANTERO ALLI  has been writing, directing, and touring his underground feature films since 1993. His deep background in experimental theatre (since 1975) imprints all his films with a distinct theatricality. Alli's films can be seen in rare, limited runs on the arthouse circuit from Seattle to Los Angeles and points in between and, on dvd. A book author and the founder/director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch, Antero resides with his wife Sylvi in Portland OR.

Feature-Length Works
(70 minutes or longer)

"OUT OF THE WOODS" (2015; 111 min)
A young man emerges from a near death experience with amnesia and a
psychic ability that draws him into the world of professional mentalism.

"THE BOOK OF JANE" (2013; 117 min.)
A feminist fable.
Three women are bound together by fate to advance the values
of an ancient culture but at a deep cost no one expected. It's also a story of the
buried histories of the nomadic homeless living in the shadows of those more fortunate.

"DREAMBODY/EARTHBODY" (2012; 80 min.)
A paratheatre video document. Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch
A group of seven ritualists prepare and execute a ritual choreography using
movements they recalled from their nocturnal dreams.

"FLAMINGOS" (2012; 90 min.)
An outlaw romance noir. Twin sisters are in love with a bank robbing
junkie philosopher driven by manic visions of the collapse of civilization.

"TO DREAM OF FALLING UPWARDS" (2011; 125 min.)
A zany occult thriller. Produced with Hal Bahr. An occult magickian seeks
the aid of a reclusive desert bruja in the hopes of excorsizing his demons.

"THE INVISIBLE FOREST" (2008; 111 min.)
An experimental narrative fiction. Produced w/ Sylvi Alli, Donna Farmer, Frank Janzad,
Tara Candoli. A theatre director obsessed with the ideas of Antonin Artaud is haunted
by disturbing dreams that lead him into hypnotherapy and spiritual resurgence.

"THE MIND IS A LIAR AND A WHORE" (2007; 92 min.)
An anxious X-mas comedy. Four roommates forced to remain indoors during an
alleged citywide lockdown initiated by the federal government.

A poetic docufiction. Produced with Jodie Evans and based on Rainer Maria's Rilke's
"Requiem For a Friend". Tethered to the netherworld of ghosts, muses, and dreams,
a poet transforms his lament into an epic work of literature.

"ORPHANS OF DELIRIUM" (2004; 84 min.)
A paratheatre video document. Produced with ParaTheatrical ReSearch.
Paratheatre performance experiments in Berkeley and S.F., March 2004
are accompanied by candid discussions between Antero and two ritualists.
Based on Alli's book, Towards an Archeology of the Soul. (Vertical Pool, 2003).

A mystical family saga. A young shamanic punk rocker does extreme rituals
to enter the spirit realm to find the spirit of his shipwrecked father.

”HYSTERIA” (2002; 83:00)
A narrative suspense fiction written w/Jakob Bokulich. Frightened by the 9/11
NYC terrorist attacks, a young woman leaves Manhattan for Oakland to live with
her sister where their neighbor is haunted by disturbing dreams of the Virgin Mary.

”TRAGOS” (2001; 106:00)
A cyber-noir tragedy. The machinations of a covert police state crack down on
an urban tribe of techno-pagans who practice their ecstatic rites in virtual reality.

”CRUX” (1999; 80:00)
A paratheatre document co-scripted w/participants. Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch.
Eight ritualists explore the crux of what they are living for through paratheatre methods.
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”THE DRIVETIME” (1995; 85:00)
An cyber-fi narrative. Produced & written w/Rob Brezsny; edited w/J. Comerford.
A time-travelling federal librarian from 2023 returns to Seattle circa 1999 to obtain
video footage of police riots.

”THE ORACLE” (1993; 70:00)
A narrative fiction integrating Pablo Neruda's "Book of Questions”. An elderly cynic sleeps
and dreams through his final day on Earth where his grandaughter Ariadne appears as a guide.

”ARCHAIC COMMUNITY” (1991; 85:00)
A paratheatre document.
Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch. Eleven strangers undergo an
intensive training process with the director Antero to explore how rituals work without dogma.


Short Films & VideoPoems
under 45 minutes

”LILY IN LIMBO” (2001; 27:00) poetry film produced & edited w/Sylvi; text by HD
”INERTIA” (1994/2001; 21:00) experimental narrative video scripted w/ the actors
”ROADKILL” (2001; 27:00) experimental narrative edited w/Andrew Damon;
”REQUIEM FOR A FRIEND” (1991; 40:00) videopoem/docudrama. Text by Rainer
Maria Rilke (Stephen Mitchell, translator); produced & edited w/Paradigm Studios.
FEARS (8:30; 2001) text by Rainer Maria Rilke; videopoem
MOUVEMENT (4:00; 2001) text by Arthur Rimbaud; videopoem
FAIRY (4:00; 2000) text by Arthur Rimbaud; videopoem
D.U.I. (8:30; 1994); experimental narrative video
ANTI-PHILOSOPHER (4:00; 1999) text by Tristan Tzara; videopoem
WITCH BURNING (4:00; 1998) text by Sylvia Plath; videopoem
SOME PASS THIS WAY (8:00; 1994) text by Sean Blosl; experimental
COLD FORCE (4:00; 1994); experimental narrative video
THE WORD, WEIRD (6:00; 1994); a video lecture
BOOK OF QUESTIONS (6:00; 1993) text by Pablo Neruda; videopoem
BOMBS & PRAYERS (6:00; 1993/96) text by Rob Brezsny; videopoem
SKIN OF BIRCH (5:00; 1992) text by Pablo Neruda; videopoem
BLACK SEA (4:00; 1992); a lament for my daughter Zoe; videopoem


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