"the videopoem/poetry film"

June 5; Fine Arts Cinema, Berkeley CA
June 9; Northwest Film Center, Portland OR
June 18; 911 Media Arts, Seattle WA
June 22; Cafe TOMO, Arcata CA
June 23; Mendocino Art Center Theatre, Mendocino CA
June 30/July 1st; Venue 9, San Francisco CA



UNDER A BROAD GRAY SKY (5:00; San Francisco) by Thad Povey
Light and time seem frozen during the reading of a poem by Baudelaire. A mundane moment in an ordinary day is briefly transformed

TENIS MATCH (10:00; Prague) by Robert Ellmann; premiere.
Our artistic vision derives from the clash between archaeology (silent film techniques) and anthropology (modern commercial rivalry). We find poetry there.

BODIES (2:37; Seattle WA) by Brian C. Short

PICTURES IN IRELAND (6:00; Belfast) by Dave Johnston.
The words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (who spent time in a cottage on the West coast of the island), underscore images of everyday Ireland.

FARTHER DAUGHTER (5:10; Denver CO) by Bill Depper
This is a meditation upon the consciousness of my daughter and myself during her first year.

FINE LINES (5:30; NYC) by Jane Higgins; AKA Jane Gang.
Repression breeds fine lines.

WITCH BURNING (4:00; Berkeley CA) by Antero Alli; premiere.
From the poem of the same title by Sylvia Plath, a serenely disturbing vision has inspired an idea about fire.
Witch Burning

SUENOS (5:06; Arvada CO) by Judy Gardner
This video is based on performance & installation work done at the University of Colorado while earning my Masters in Fine Arts & Theatre. I became intrigued with translating live work into the digital realm and this is the result.
Witch Burning

THE DREAMER & THE DOER (6:00; Berkeley CA) by Sylvi Alli; premiere.
A polarity study. Moving images mark a distinction between two realms, inspired by an e-mail message from my partner in crime.

by Stuart White and Ingrid Gilbert.
Just because we can make it perfect doesn’t mean we have to.

DAY OF THE DEAD (5:28; NYC) by Annette Weintraub
Day of the Dead contrasts the warmth of ritualized recollection of friends with the brutality of sudden meeting with violence on the street.

CIRCUS (5:00; Berkeley CA) by Roberts Blossom, Brih Abee
There’s a politico-economic subtext; one of a series of performance poems.
Witch Burning

THE SLANT (2:00; Jericho NY) by Sarah Lofti
Let text conjure emotions as only images as done before; voice & text by Ani Difranco.

SLEEPLESS MOVIE (3:30; San Jose CA) by Mark Haren
Stream-of consciousness poetry, traditional hand-drawn, and experimental animation techniques are combined to evoke the childhood nighttime fears, big questions and semi-random scattered thoughts of a sleepless night.

WATER PLANET (6:00; Oakland CA) by Bill Levinson
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WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW (3:00; Sacramento CA) by Sean Christopher.
Rare raw bites from “All About Audrey”, Sacramento’s most twisted live variety talk show, where the often audacious and occasionally obscene always happens.


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