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"In 'The Greater Circulation' we are enchanted and indeed
haunted, not only by the profound trajectory of Rilke's life
and work, but also by Alli's ability to tell stories within stories,
to make the invisible visible, and to bring to earth what can
only be truly grasped through spiritual vision."

Cedrus Monte, Jungian analyst, Zurich Switzerland

"Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Requiem for a Friend” is the foundation
for this marvelous production of mature emotion and deep
wisdom; few films have been able to explore the issues
surrounding death with such grace and intelligence."

by Phil Hall (5 stars) 

"If you already like Rilke, you should enjoy the movie immensely:
It's a rich meditation on the man's work, created by someone who
is clearly deeply moved by it. Many of Alli's films include strange,
psychedelic interludes, but these are easily the most dense and
engaging sequences of this sort that he's ever made."

mindjack film
by Jesse Walker

Antero Alli uses a complex dramatic scheme to bring Rilke's prose
vividly to life in his absorbing, beautifully made film incantation.
Alli has opened up many hidden dimensions for contemporary
viewers, making it easy for us to imagine Rilke’s and
Modersohn-Becker’s situation as our own.

by David Finkelstein (4 stars)