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"We honor those who have come before us, and must give
special recognition to Jerzy Grotowski, one of my own teachers,
who originated the term paratheatrical two and a half decades ago.
We must also honor those who continue in this lineage and take on the
task of transmission. And transmission is what this book is all about.”

from the foreward by MATT MITLER Director, Theatre Group Dzieci
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Towards an Archeology of the Soul outlines the principles, techniques, and ethos of a comprehensive paratheatre medium developed by Antero Alli since 1977. Combining techniques of physical theatre, dance, and Zazen meditation, this ritual technology for Self-initiaton looks to the internal landscape of forces innate to the body to animate movement, sound, action, and interaction. A practical workbook for solo and group work with articles and interviews by noted ritualists and performers. Published by Vertical Pool; 272 pages; illustrated; paperback. AFTERWORD by ROBERT ANTON WILSON, PhD -- ISBN: 0-9657341-2-9

Three reviews by James Wagner, Phil Hall, and Scotto Moore




Section 1: The Syllabus
ORIENTATION: Ritual Technology for Self-initiation
THE FORM: Lab Session Infrastructure (preparation)
THREE LEVELS OF WORK: Initiations, Shadow Work and Distillations
LEVEL I: INITIATIONS: Immersion, Surrender, Self-Access
LEVEL II: SHADOW WORK: Exposure, Confrontation, Catharsis
LEVEL III: DISTILLATIONS: Extracting, Refining, Articulating
Cellular Movement, Character Development, Mythos
Staging Designs for Seven Performance Rituals
RITUAL TECHNIQUES: Developing Skills in this Medium
also: Vocal Creations (includes three sounding cycles)
GROUP RITUAL FACILITATION: On Effective Ritual Design in this Medium
DANGERS INHERENT TO THIS PROCESS: Perils & Pitfalls of Archetypal Evocation
Irritation, Inflation, Grace as Impediment, The Alchemical Nigredo
GROUP RITUAL DYNAMICS: Asocial Intent, Function of Shock, Animamundi
Ritual Glossary: Paratheatrical Terms & Definitions; Relevant Reading

Section 2: Lab Reports
INSIGHTS & REVELATIONS: Excerpts from the author’s ritual journals
LAB PARTICIPANTS’ STORIES: Personal Myths and Visions
Non-Sectarian Crucifixion Archetypes

Section 3: Dreams & Psychic Projection
DREAMING RITUALS: Non-interpretive Dreamwork for the Active Body
THE ANIMA SHRINE: A Soul-Retrieval Ceremony for Men
THE TEMPLE OF THE ANIMUS: Lab Report by Serene Zloof

Section 4: The Living Earth
GEOMANCY: Divining the Earth’s Spirit by Richard feather Anderson
TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION: Ground Designs & Tellurian Currents by Kevin A. Lewis
WILDERNESS RITES OF PASSAGE: Ritual as Personal Response by Julian Simeon
THE GROUNDING CIRCLE: The Planet as Stabilizing Influence

Section 5: Artist Interviews
GUBOO TED THOMAS on Aboriginal Dreamtime Ceremonies
ELIZABETH COGBURN on Ecstatic Rites & Warnings
PAUL OERTEL on the Voice as Instrument
KEITH BERGER on Group Performance Dynamics
FRED CURCHACK on Solo Performance Work
DAVID ROSENBLOOM on the Alembic of No-Form to Form



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ANTERO ALLI has been developing his group paratheatre medium since 1977 (documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" and several videos). His 2005 docufiction feature, "The Greater Circulation", incoporates paratheatre performances in a critically acclaimed cinematic treatment of poet Rainer Maria Rilke's, "Requiem for a Friend". His experimental feature film, "The Invisible Forest" (2008; 111 min.) explores the radical ideas of French Surrealist playwright, Antonin Artaud. Antero is founder/director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX in Portland, Oregon.


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