~ Five Week Summer Series ~
Exploring the voice/body connection through song

with Sylvi Alli


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Portland location


Learn songs and chants from Eastern Europe and India in this group voice class led by Sylvi Alli.  Each session will begin with embodied voice techniques as groundwork for exploring the songs through creative voice and movement processes. These techniques facilitate more embodiment of the singing voice through movement, breath, vocal exercises, source work, toning, and group vocal improvisation.  Experience the joy and power of singing more freely in a supportive group setting. As a continuation of the Song Lab Spring Series, we will be working more in depth bringing song and harmony into ritual structures.

PREREQUISITES:  Must be able to carry a tune and have good pitch, have an ear for harmony, as well as being comfortable singing in front of others.  In the spirit of group development, if you foresee missing more than 2 classes in this session, please do not apply.  

Click this to read about Sylvi's 'embodied voice' methods.


Registration by invitation or interview.
Series fee: $100. Send payment through PayPal to:
or by check, made payable to VERTICAL POOL, PO Box 19382, Portland OR 97280

For more information, call Sylvi at 503-299-4064
or e-mail her at:

Sylvi Alli is an accomplished singer, composer, musician who teaches

voice workshops and classes.  Her embodied voice work is deeply influenced
by the dynamic movement and vocal processes of ParaTheatrical ReSearch,
of which she has been a core member since 1996.



What Previous Participants Had To Say...


It was a pleasure to participate in the embodied voice workshop.
I appreciated your guidance~ it shifted something, for real!

Thank you for a most exquisite vocal adventure today.
The three hours just flew by!

I had such a wonderful time with you and the group... I really wanted
you to know how much what you are offering has effected me. It has been
a "coming home" feeling. Thank you!

I look forward to working with you more! The workshop was
quite an incredible experience for me.
~ M.M.

I so much enjoyed yesterday's class.  I have so many new things
to do to open my voice and release my grip.
~ C.W.

It was a pleasure to participate in the embodied voice workshop.  
I appreciated your guidance~ it shifted something, for real!

I just wanted to say I think I experienced something really
important at your workshop....
~ E.J.



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Women's Individual Voice Lessons

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