"...Sylvi has a haunting, heavenly voice that quickly finds the 
resonant frequency of your heart and shakes it to pieces..."

Sam Hurwitt, EAST BAY EXPRESS, Berkeley CA 


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"bird&wolf" (since 2017)  Sylvi's collaborative
music project with her husband, Antero. Sylvi, vocals, lyrics, piano, and accordion;
Antero, guitar & video. Cliick the above image to watch their music videos.

  Amidst the Circling Spires/with Alio Die. (2014). Seven tracks.
A captivating electro-ambient journey, Sylvi’s heavenly voice drifts within the highly processed
acoustic sounds created by Alio Die. The treated tones are organic and animated with carillon,
kalimba, zither, different objects and field recordings. Sylvi’s voice is intense and moving,
evanescent and precise – each song a mantra exploring a unique soundworld. .
$10. within the USA. $18 Overseas. All prices incl. shipping.
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  "The Book of Jane" (2013). Sixteen tracks from Antero Alli's movie
The Book of Jane", featuring songs and music by SYLVI ALLI plus Sylvi's covers of "In Power
We Trust the Love Advocated" by Dead Can Dance, "This Lullaby" by the Queens of the Stone
Age, and "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" a 1770's Southern white spiritual.  Includes all new songs
and music by Sylvi. Click THIS to here her "Summoning".
$10. within the USA. $18 Overseas.
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  "Flamingos" (2012). Fourteen tracks from Antero Alli's movie,
 "Flamingos", featuring Sylvi's performance of classic songs : "Fever", "Fly Me to the Moon",
"I Put a Spell on You"
, and "You Go to My Head". Also includes "Solar/Lunar" by the Ritual
Song chorus of Marianne Potje, Christine Dallance, Sylvi Alli, & Noreen B. Greenblatt and
new experimental music by Sylvi. Click THIS to hear a track. $10. within USA.
18 Overseas. Includes shipping. PayPal to:

 "Vessel" (2010) Eleven tracks. VESSEL enlivens the senses with webbing
streams of fluid incantations to the Muses in Sylvi's latest CD of original music. The majority of these
new songs dwell in the realm of wordless invocations - where multi-layer harmonies, compelling vocals,
and emerging rhythms collide and converge. Featuring eleven tracks. CLICK THIS and listen to a
track. $10. within the USA. $18 International.. All prices include shipping.
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 "A Hundred Birds" (2007) Elevent tracks. Through these eleven
songs, stories unravel their hypnoagogic dream journey through the internal landscape of twilight
visions and memory...where enchantment borders the perilous and whimsy settles on everything
like gold dust on moths. With all the songs composed and performed by herself, A HUNDRED BIRDS
is Sylvi's most personal and intimate album to date. $10. within the USA.
$18 International. All prices include shipping. PayPal to:

 "Too Near the Ghosts" (2001) Features eleven original songs,
ranging from gothic ballads to dirges to arias -- a tapestry of haunted melodies and lament
s -- her vocals, rich with feeling and lyricism, float and soar through the atmospheres of her
spare instrumentations. Includes tracks from Antero Alli's films "Tragos" , "Roadkill" and
 "Lily in Limbo" $10. within the USA.
$18 International.
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 "Under a Shipwrecked Moon" (2003) Twenty-three tracks of songs
and music from Antero Alli's 2003 feature movie, "Under a Shipwrecked Moon" including 14 pieces
by Sylvi with music also by S.F. musicians Birdsaw, LoopStation, Andy Nathan, and Sylvi's
arrangements of music by classical composers Sibelius and Grieg. $10. within the USA.
$18 International. All prices include shipping. PayPal to: 

 "Dream of the Blue Moth" (2004) This CD represents the harvest
of twelve years (1990-2002) of Sylvi's collaboration with partner and filmmaker Antero Alli an
d features seventeen tracks of songs and music from his films "Hysteria""Tragos", "Fairy" and
 "The Drivetime", as well as, his intermedia theatre productions of "Hungry Ghosts of Albion"
 and "Requiem For A Friend". Instrumentation includes accordian, ukeline, electric guitar, cello,
trombone, drums, electronics and organ. No longer available

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"No Way Out" (2020) Song and video by Sylvi Alli


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