Sulphur symbolizes the fire element, the sexual energy and vitality.
The highest aspects of this sexual fire are expressed through the
Divine Mother Kundalini, the force of purification. The toxic
aspect of this fire is called arsenic sulphur,
the ego of lust and possession.

Moments from the Story

Ben (Benjamin Ervin) serenades Hope (Helia Rasti) as she attempts to write

Helen (Helia Rasti) listening to Phineas (Douglas Allen)

Callista (Sylvi Alli) and Hope (Helia Rasti) in a tense moment over afternoon tea

Calliope (Cynthia Schwell) makes an appearance in Hope's night dreams

Calliope (Cynthia Schwell) sings to Hope (Helia Rasti) in the forest

Helen's (Helia Rasti) singing lures Phineas (Douglas Allen) away from his work

Calliope (Cynthia Schwell) consoles Hope (Helia Rasti) after a shocking revelation

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